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Hey, I'm Sultan Alhokair! Welcome to the page!

Sultan Alhokair's Bio:

Sultan Alhokair graduated from Northeastern University in 2009. There he received an education in many business related courses including Finance, Small Business Management, and even Family Business Management. Giving him the foundation for a career in business. In January 2014, Sultan Alhokair was made the Project Manager of Retail Group of America. They provide retail services to several different fashion companies, giving them better brand potential, and increased sales growth. Alhokair is in charge of helping to manage these brands, and of finding new potential retail opportunities. Also in January, Sultan Alhokair was made a Venture Partner in Valia Investments. There he's a part of an investment consortium that provides seed funding to various business start ups. Despite his young age, Sultan Alhokair has already made a name for himself throughout the industry.  One of the go to guys for business management, and capital investment strategy and advice, he's fast making himself into one of America's most sought after young executives. 

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